As the MLA for the constituency of Roblin, I am pleased to provide you with access to information about my activities as your MLA.


Your views are important to me.  Please take the time to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding the information in our website.


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Featuring: Siloam Mission- Making a Difference,

Equal Voice, Events in the community

Charleswood Connection

Charleswood Connection June 2017_Page_1.

Featuring Abandoned Manitoba by Gordon Goldsborough, honouring Charleswood residents, and upcoming events

Charleswood Connection

Community Leaders Newsletter November 20

Featuring Creating a Culture of Caring, Canadian Women's Parliamentarians, In the Community

Charleswood Connection

Charleswood Connection May 2018_Page_1.j

Featuring Economic Development Winnipeg, enhancing accessbility in the chamber, upcoming events

Charleswood Connection

Charleswood Connection November 2016_Pag

Featuring benefits of community involvement, Manitoba launches new chapter of Equal Voice, Charleswood hosts 2017 Scotties

Charleswood Connection

Charleswood Connection December 2017_Pag

Featuring School Resource Officer Constable Daryn Laminman and Community Relations Sergeant Brian Boyd, Christmas in Churchill

Charleswood Connection

Community Leaders Newsletter November 20

Featuring the Winnipeg Police Board, Centennial Gala: Celebrating 100 Years of MB Women's Right to Vote

Charleswood Connection