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The Charleswood constituency is a little bit city – a little bit country, full of inspiring individuals and green spaces.  It is made up of community minded people who are willing to give of their time and talent to the many organizations and services that are found in Charleswood.  There is a unique sense of community pride in Charleswood that seems to be fuelled by the feeling that you are living in a “small town”.


The constituency of Charleswood is in the west end of Winnipeg. It is bordered by the Assiniboine River to the north, Four Mile Road to the south, the Perimeter Highway to the west, and Laxdal Street to the east.

The Charleswood constituency has a population of approximately 22,000 people. This constituency includes the Pembina Trail School Division.  Within the constituency boundaries, there are eight different schools, of which two provide French Immersion in a dual track setting and one that is a French Immersion Elementary School.

Charleswood is home to numerous service clubs, churches and community groups. This constituency features the Charleswood Curling Club, Hackers & Smackers Driving Range, Westdale Pool, Eric Coy and Varsity View Arenas and Springers Gymnastics Club, which provide local residents and visitors with significant sport and recreational opportunities.  There is also a Charleswood Seniors’ Centre located at the Municipal Building at 5006 Roblin Blvd.  The centre is open every weekday.

The Charleswood community borders on both the Assiniboine Forest and Assiniboine Park. Assiniboine Forest is a 700-acre oak and aspen forest and is the largest urban nature park in Canada. It is home to many different species of mammals and birds and features more than three kilometers of nature trails. 

Assiniboine Park is Winnipeg's oldest and largest park.  It features rolling wooded lawns and picnic sites. Several gardens such as the English Garden, Formal Garden and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden can be found within the park in addition to the conservatory, zoo and a statue of Winnie The Bear. Children and adults alike will enjoy the space set aside for football, baseball, volleyball, field hockey and other sports. During the winter months, toboggan slides, skating ponds and cross-country ski trails offer numerous recreational opportunities.

Charleswood is also home to the Harte Trail that runs from Headingley to the Assiniboine Forest.  It is a former railway line, abandoned in the 1970’s and is used by deer, rabbits, geese, and other animals.  Charleswood residents use this trail for walking, running, cycling, and cross-country skiing. 

Charleswood residents are served by three community clubs – Westdale, Roblin Park and Varsity View.  Sports such as hockey, softball, soccer, and basketball are played out of these clubs.  They also hold annual winter carnivals with lots of activities and events for the whole family. 

Sites of historical interest include “The Passage”, where buffalo hunters and traders crossed the Assiniboine River as well as Caron House, a 2 ½ storey Queen Anne style home which was built in 1906 for George Caron who first settled in the area in 1880.  It is the last original farmhouse still standing in Charleswood along the Assiniboine River.  In its early days, Charleswood’s local economy was principally agricultural with dairy and poultry farms, market gardens, and mink ranches.

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