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Local Green Team Funding

Published in the Canstar Metro and Headliner

June, 2021

Charleswood and Headingley are full of amazing local organizations. Strong community groups play a role in making our two neighbourhoods such wonderful places to live. I’m grateful to all the community members who dedicate their time and efforts to developing our community groups. Time and effort isn’t all it takes to foster strong organizations. Provincial grants help, too. I’d like to point out some of our local groups who received Green Team Funding.

Oasis Church

Oasis church is located on Elmhurst Avenue in Charleswood, however, due to COVID has moved services online. Thank you to Oasis Church for being so adaptable during these difficult times!

Westboine Park Housing Coop

This gorgeous housing complex is located in a park like setting along Assiniboine River. There are 188 homes within this beautiful area.

Roblin Park Community Centre

Many of us have attended some of this community centre’s fantastic events like the Winter Carnival. The team here works hard to provide community services all year round. Thank you to Roblin Park Community Centre for all that you do!

Rotary Club of Winnipeg, Charleswood

The Charleswood Rotary Club’s motto is service above self and that’s clear in their work. This organization has been the driving force behind many local community development initiatives. They are the custodians of the Assiniboine Forest and are supporters of literacy programs in our schools. Thank you to the Charleswood Rotary Club for everything you do!

Purple Loosetrife Project of Manitoba

Purple Loosetrife is an invasive plant species that spreads along rivers, wetlands, and streams. Preventing the further spread and controlling existing populations of purple loosestrife is the goal of the Manitoba Purple Loosestrife Project. Thank you to this organization for your environmental conservancy!

Friends of the Harte Trail

The Harte Trail is a local gem in Charleswood. This trail is a piece of the Trans Canada Trail. The Friends of the Harte Trail are stewards of this amazing natural space and I thank them for all their hard work.

Charleswood Minor Baseball Association

Sports teach children so many important life lessons and teams are often the beginning of many lifelong friendships. Thank you to all the organizers of this important community group!

Green Team funding will allow many of these organizations to hire local youth. Gaining valuable work experience in our community is a wonderful thing for some of our younger constituents in Roblin.


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