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Green Team Grants – working to keep our green spaces green in Charleswood & Headingley

I am very excited to announce grants worth $151,134.15 for the Roblin constituency (Charleswood and Headingley) as part of the Progressive Conservative government’s Green Team funding.

The government is pleased to promote youth employment across the entire province over the upcoming summer season. The projects in our community are part of a total of $9.6 million that will support the Green Team program this year. Green Team funding helps provide young people between the ages of 15 and 29 with seasonal employment — perfect for post-secondary and high school students. Urban/Hometown Green Team grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, education authorities, Northern Affairs Community Councils and municipal governments to hire youth to work on community projects between May and September.

I’m thrilled that these funds will provide program support to so many local projects in our community. The government is always dedicated to support important initiatives like the Green Team.

The organizations receiving funds are:

• MacDonald Headingley Recreation District is receiving $16,394.85 for recreation – Youth Summer Programming

• Charleswood Rotary is receiving $5,184.90 for the Assiniboine Forest on trails, conservation, and community beautification

• Oasis Church received $24,141.25 for Children/Youth Recreation; Volunteer Coordination

• Charleswood Minor Baseball received $4,635.30 for seasonal maintenance of youth baseball diamonds in Charleswood

• Friends of the Harte trail received $5,184.90 for trail maintenance and conservation

• True North Foundation received $47,137.30 for recreation at Camp Manitou

• Varsity View Community Centre received $5,511.60 for grounds and building maintenance.

The funding is provided to improve neighbourhoods, promote community involvement and hep develop young leaders. The projects also stimulate local economic activity and improve job creation in urban and rural communities. This year, the program will fund 744 projects across the province and employ approximately 2,500 youth. The program funds 100% of wage costs for non-profits organizations, education authorities and North Affairs Community Councils, and 50% of wage costs for municipalities on a cost-shared basis.


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