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Graduating high school during a pandemic

Published in the Metro and Headliner May 25, 2020

Throughout the years I have had the privilege to get to know students at the schools within my constituency. Annually, for I Love to Read month, I meet inquisitive and bright elementary school students. Twice every year, during my community leaders networking lunches, I meet junior high and high school students. All throughout the year, I get to interact with any student who calls or emails into my office.

Lawn signs such as the one above have begun to pop up in front of houses all over Headingley and Charleswood, signifying that a high school graduate lives in the home.

In getting to know the students over the years, I have been continuously impressed. Year after year I meet brilliant, driven, kind, community-minded individuals who go on to do great things.

Grade 12 is an important year for many teenagers. It’s a time when kids are making important decisions about their futures. It’s the transition of leaving one stage of life before jumping into a new chapter. It’s a time of great celebration, a time to celebrate the schooling accomplishments that students have spent the better part of their lives working towards. It’s a time to celebrate relationships.

Charleswood and Headingley are tight-knit communities where many people live their whole lives. Many of the kids who go to elementary school together also go to junior high and high school together. The friendships formed throughout school often last a lifetime and are things to be celebrated and enjoyed. As they say, you can’t make new old friends.

I am so proud of the high school graduates in Charleswood and Headingley. Each and every one of them have worked incredibly hard for this moment and each of them will go on to do wonderful things. The spirit and tenacity with which they’ve navigated these difficult times is a testament to their selflessness and maturity.

Recently, many of you might have noticed lawn signs pop up all over Charleswood and Headingley. These signs denote that a high school graduate lives in the home. This is a wonderful idea and a great way to commemorate the hard work of our graduates. COVID-19 has brought on so many major changes in the lives of our community members.

Many have undergone stressful times, have had to change their routines, have had to cope with the new normal. Thank you to the high school graduates who are taking in stride this unexpected turn during this unexpected time.

Thank you Charleswood and Headingley graduates!

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