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Fitness Facilities in Charleswood

Staying active throughout the year is a keystone in a healthy lifestyle.

It’s important to push yourself to exercise and to maintain a well rounded regimen — doing so can produce long lasting benefits for both your physical and mental health.

Charleswood has so much outdoor greenspace and walking trails we can use year round. In the summer I often see people running, cycling, and walking in our gorgeous parks and on our beautiful Harte trail. Although we have so much outdoor space to exercise in I’d like to highlight some of the amazing indoor recreation facilities in our neighbourhood.

Pro Fitness is located on Harstone road near Roblin Boulevard. This gym provides group personal training and classes for clients. They cater to any level of fitness and help clients reach their goals. This Charleswood business is different from the average gym. Personal trainers are on hand to set workout regimes and guide clients through their workout.

Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness are two franchise locations that are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. With their locations open 24 hours a day they are perfect for anyone wanting to work out at a time when the average gym would be closed. Anytime Fitness is located at 4910 Roblin Blvd. and Snap Fitness is in the Charleswood Mall at 3900 Grant Ave.

The Charleswood Seniors Centre is home to a variety of fitness programs. Although the programs are geared towards seniors they are open to anyone who wants to join. As noted on their website, exercise is the key to healthy aging.

Bee Wellness Inc. is another example of a great Charleswood business that is dedicated to the fitness of a more mature audience. Bee Wellness Inc offers individual rehab programs, stroke rehab programs, functional fitness classes, and home training. This business is located at 3680 Roblin Blvd.  

My Body Fitness and Nutrition is a body-positive and group fitness gym and community space located at 3655 Roblin Blvd.  

The Yoga Barre is located at 6640 Roblin Blvd and offers a variety of classes from yoga to cycling.

Charleswood has so many wonderful fitness facilities. With our long, cold winters it is great that we have a variety of fantastic options to keep fit throughout the year.


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