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Crime in Charleswood and Headingley

Published the in the Canstar Metro and Headliner November 2021

Charleswood and Headingley are two unique and beautiful communities. With our geographic locations right at the edge of the City, the constituency of Roblin really is a little bit city and a little bit country. Our constituency is half within the City of Winnipeg boundaries and half within the Rural Municipality of Headingley.

Like every community in Manitoba, Charleswood and Headingley have experienced crime. I have heard more and more from constituents about cars being riffled through or having items stolen from garages. These types of crime are considered property crimes and make up a significant portion of the crime that happens in our communities.

Charleswood falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Winnipeg Police Service. Residents who have questions or concerns about crime in Charleswood can call the non-emergency City of Winnipeg Police line at 204-986- 6222. To report a crime, residents are able to call the non-emergency line or report it online.

Headingley falls under the jurisdiction of the RCMP. The RCMP have a detachment in the community located on McIntosh road with services available in French and English. Headingley residents are able to use the RCMP website to report a crime online. For more information, call the Headingley detachment at 204-888-0358.

It is always important to report a crime, no matter how small it may seem to you. By reporting a crime, police are able to monitor trends in a community and plan accordingly. An interesting online resource provided by the City of Winnipeg Police Services is their crime-mapping tool. When you report a crime to the police, they are able track the crime and mark it in their system. This allows members of the public like you and I to look online at the activity going on in our neighbourhoods.

Charleswood and Headingley are two unique and wonderful communities. They are wonderful places to raise your family and make lifelong friendships. I want to say thank you to the hard working members of the Winnipeg City Police and the RCMP who help to keep our communities safe. They are a tremendous resource for community members who have questions and concerns about crime. Be sure to reach out and report property crime if you notice it.


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