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Unraveling our legislature’s wondrous secrets

I have walked the halls of the legislative building for many years now and have been awestruck by the beauty of this building and its manicured grounds. I have been in several other legislative buildings across Canada and have always believed ours was the most beautiful, but I didn’t know ours held ancient secrets. For as long as I have worked at the legislature, I have appreciated just how magnificent the building is and what a great architectural feat in the early 1900s when power tools and other technology didn’t exist.

When people travel, they inevitably are impressed with grand buildings that have stood the test of time and attract thousands of visitors each year. Sometimes we think we have to travel to see the world, when we can see a lot of the world in our own backyard. It wasn’t until I heard about the Hermetic Code references that I realized there is more to ponder and appreciate than just the architecture. We have this jewel of architecture right here in Winnipeg and the Hermetic Code tour rates right up there with famous tours in other countries.

Most people have driven by our Manitoba legislature many times and are familiar with the Golden Boy on the rooftop, as it is the most obvious visible feature. However, not as many people are aware of the architectural details, symbols and their mysterious significance. Dr. Frank Albo, an architectural historian and expert in ancient religions, unlocked the secrets hidden in the building, or as he would say “hidden in plain view”.

There is meaning, a code, in every detail of the building and it is fascinating to hear Dr. Albo explain the various design details and the secrets behind them. He conducts the tour with passion and humor and before you know it the tour is over.

I don’t want to give away any of the secrets of the tour, but to give you an idea, did you know there is a sphinx on the roof? Did you know there is a reason there are two bison guarding the grand staircase? Had you noticed the black star on the floor and wondered why it was there? Have you heard of the Freemasons, and are you aware of the connection to our legislative building? Dr. Albo will take you along step-by-step to reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture, including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly 100 years!

I encourage you to sign up for the Hermetic Code tour. Dr. Albo, your historian guide, will entertain you while helping you unlock the secrets that are hidden in plain view. You will not be disappointed. Once you have completed the Hermetic Code tour you will not ever drive by the legislature and only notice the Golden Boy. You will wonder if you have seen all the mysteries, or could there be more?

The 90-minute tour runs on Wednesday evenings from April 27 until Oct. 19. For more information and to purchase tour tickets, please see the following website: or call 204-989-9630 or 1-866-890-3377.


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