• Myrna Driedger

Together (apart) we can flatten the curve

Written by Myrna Driedger

Published in the Canstar Metro April 27, 2020

As many of us watch the news and read the papers, we are aware of the evolving situation with the novel coronavirus. This is a difficult time and one in which many of us are having to rearrange our lives. Some have lost jobs or are starting to work from home, many are worried about their health and the health of loved ones, others are struggling with the difficulties associated with physical distancing.

It is important for us all to remember that we are in this together, these physical distancing measures will end, and the time will come when life returns to how it was.

For now, we must deal with the prevention of COVID-19. This is something we all play a role in. We must all work together (while apart) to slow the spread of this virus and ensure that we flatten the curve for our health-care workers. The most important steps to take in this journey are to wash your hands and stay home. To wash your hands effectively, ensure that you are taking at least 20 seconds to complete this task. Wash your hands frequently and disinfect commonly touched surfaces. These are surfaces like door knobs, light switches, and remote controls.

Staying home is a tough challenge for many people. We can feel isolated, lonely, and depressed if we don’t reach out to friends. Remember to call, text, and video chat with loved ones. Check on friends and neighbours virtually and reach out when you yourself are feeling down. Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful nature and spring weather we have here in the constituency of Roblin is important. When out walking, be sure to keep at least two metres of distance between yourself and others you encounter.

Everyone should be striving to stay at home as much as possible. When going out to get groceries, it is a good idea to limit these outings to just once a week and have just one member of the household make that trip.

If you have even mild cold or flu-like symptoms, stay home.

There are many volunteer initiatives in our province that can help deliver food to you. One right here in the constituency of Roblin is happening through the Charleswood 55-Plus Active Living Centre. If you are in need of supplies or have any questions about which businesses are open, give them a call at 204-897-5263.

Stay home and stay well!

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