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Springers Gymnastics is world class

Charleswood is fortunate to have many amazing facilities. 

We have many churches, sports clubs, a gorgeous library, wonderful schools, and so much outdoor space to enjoy. One fantastic sports club we are especially fortunate to have within our community is Springers Gymnastics on Ridgewood Avenue.

Gymnastics is a sport enjoyed by boys and girls alike. This sport can be individual or team, competitive or simply an enjoyable leisure activity. The skills that gymnasts learn are skills that can be taken with them throughout their lives. As a young girl I was an avid gymnast and still carry with me many of the skills I learned. 

From sports, kids learn the value of hard work, determination, willpower, and how to stick to something that is challenging — all this in addition to the valuable athletic skills learned. Gymnastics provides excellent cross-training for other sports. Gymnasts exercise agility, core strength, and flexibility, just to name a few of the many skills learned. All these abilities can be useful in other sports, be it soccer, hockey, ballet, and more. 

Enrolling in a gymnastics class at a young age can have wonderful long term effects. Many studies have shown that enrolling children in athletic activities at a young age can ignite in them a passion for athletics that stays with them as they grow older. Leading an active, healthy lifestyle is beneficial and invaluable when it comes to a person’s quality of life. 

Not only are there athletic benefits to gymnastics but also, kids learn important life skills that they can take with them into the class room. In order to succeed at this sport, kids must be willing to listen and take direction. These are two essential life skills necessary for success in any field, beginning with success in the classroom. 

Furthermore, this fun athletic activity gives kids the opportunity to make friends. Springers Gymnastics provides coaching for serious athletes and also provides a meeting space for events for people who just want to have fun. This large space has open gym hours where people can come, check out the facility, and practice their skills in a supportive environment. They also host birthday parties! 

The coaches at Springers have years of gymnastics experience themselves and provide children with excellent role models to look up to. 

Here in Charleswood we are so fortunate to have this world class gymnastics facility at our doorstep. Springers Gymnastics is a gem in Charleswood.


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