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Get out and walk the trails

Published in the Canstar Metro and Headliner December 30, 2020

I’ve been starting all my recent columns with information about the mental health services available. Your mental health matters. COVID-19 has placed a difficult strain on all of us and has impacted every facet of our lives. Many of us are dealing with depression and anxiety in ways we’ve never had to before. It’s OK to not be OK. There are resources available. Reach out, get help, and know that your mental health is a tremendously important aspect of your health. Check out this link for more information on the virtual counselling and therapy made available by the Province of Manitoba: www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/bewell/index.html

I hope your holidays were wonderful and safe and I hope you all had an opportunity to connect with friends and family over the phone or on video call.

As we all know, this winter will be different than past winters. We will not be traveling or gathering or celebrating together and while this winter must be different, it can be just as rewarding and entertaining as any other.

Let’s look inward and explore our neighbourhoods with all the many gems located throughout.

Charleswood and Headingley are two beautiful communities with amazing nature all around. A very COVID-19 safe activity I encourage all to take part in is utilizing our beautiful trails.

The Harte Trail and the Grand Trunk Trail are both connected to the longest trail system in Canada — The Great Trail, which is a trail network that stretches from coast to coast — and we have access to it in our own backyard.

Both trails are well used and you’ll be sure to run into some neighbours when you’re out. I love to walk these trails. They are peaceful and quiet and a perfect place to be mindful of the wonderful aspects of our community. I especially love when I see some of the many deer who also use the trail!

COVID-19 has been a challenge. It will continue to be challenging as we navigate these months ahead.

Remember to get outside, go for walks, and enjoy the wonderful elements our neighbourhoods have to offer. The Harte Trail in Charleswood and the Grand Trunk Trail in Headingley are right at our doorsteps, ready to be explored.

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