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Explore the art of the Harte Trail

Article published in The Metro

Something exciting is happening in our neighbourhood!

From Sept. 22 to 23, 20 artists residing in Charleswood, Tuxedo and Headingley will open their art studios to the public, free of charge. This will be an opportunity for artists to showcase and present their best work to the community and for the community to visit and experience the art that is flourishing in their environment. 

Art forms represented on this tour will include: fabric arts, digital arts, sculpture, pottery/ceramics, photography, painting, ink, encaustic, acrylic, watercolour, oil and pastels. 

Through this tour visitors will have an opportunity to purchase original art, observe the artists in their working environment and discuss and learn about the many art forms presented. Each artist/studio will provide resource information in support of specific learning opportunities for the art form presented in the studio.

The 20 artists participating in the Harte Trail Studio Tour collectively boast approximately 500 years of experience with the arts.

Eleven artists are active members with the Charleswood Art Group. Several artists have membership with the Manitoba Society of Artists and are active on the executive. 

Artists participating in the tour are both teachers and students of their specific art forms. They are routinely called upon to teach and facilitate workshops at community facilities and art programs sponsored through city-wide continuing education programs. 

As students of art, many of the artists attend courses internationally in Italy, Spain and the U.S. Regardless of the location, continuing education in the arts is a priority for the artists who will open their studio doors on Sept. 22 and 23.

The Harte Trail/Canada Trail serves as a backdrop for the Harte Trail Studio Tour. The artists participating in this tour regard themselves as very fortunate to reside, work and play in this wonderful geographic area.

 In addition to the focus on art, the participating artists will take this opportunity to promote the historical significance of the Harte Trail and to promote recreational opportunities available in this geographic area.

Maps and information in the form of print material about bicycle and walking trails for the area will be available at each studio.  The artists will be working in collaboration with Charleswood Historical Society, Friends of Harte Trail and Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club. 


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